10 reason why visit Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

15 Feb


Indonesia Fashion Week will be held soon. Indonesia’s biggest fashion event will be held on 14-17 February 2013 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta. We think the show is so taboo to miss. These 10 reasons!

1. Amazing local products

Local products are excellent, Indonesia Fashion Week curated over 500 local brands that represent a wealth of creative Indonesia. All products are made ​​with quality local content but globally. Indonesia Fashion Week 2013, which begins on Valentine’s Day are expected to boost the affection of Indonesia. Let’s show our love to Indonesia!

Foto: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wfdwe6cq08qntlk/wBPvcv528T

2. Fashion Celebration

Celebration of Fashion, a fashion week would not be complete without a fashion show. In Indonesia Fashion Week, all the fashion show will be held at the Plenary Hall stage with a capacity of 2,000 spectators. Every day there will be a different theme for the fashion show; Evening Wear (day-1), Muslim Wear (day 2), Men’s Wear (day 3) and Casual Cutting Edge (day 4). All designers; senior, newcomer, independent association to be merged into one in a series of harmony. Exciting!

Foto: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/48ikzjlt1i7jdge/jMyJcyrm99

3. B2B and Retail

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 will begin to adopt the B2B system (Business to Business). More than 20% of the exhibitors are ready for export. They are able to meet the needs of buyers who want to buy in large quantities and sent to the whole world. Indonesia Fashion Week also welcome retail buyers who buy fashion for wearing alone or for resale. Industrial apparel / textiles can buy the idea at this event. Everything there !

Foto: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b65g1bg5j0dti39/BDhbwWHt56

4. New Zones

Indonesia Fashion Week is divided into several distinct zones; evening wear, casual wear, Muslim wear, men’s wear, kids wear. This year, Indonesia Fashion Week features 3 new zones; Concept Point (puts players in the industry who have multiple products in the unity of the concept of the brand), Starting Point (zone selling creative ideas of designers for the textile and garment industry), Green Zone (the zone for fashion education environmentalists). These new zones provide its own color in Indonesia Fashion Week.

Foto: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/soqs5efpisag0q8/Xfi6pHrnA1

5. The Special Guests

Special guest, as a member of the World Fashion Organization based in New York, Indonesia Fashion Week will showcase international designers slotfashion show. They are a designer who has a great achievement and is able to provide motivation and inspiration for the development of Indonesian fashion. Wait for the surprise!


6. Competitions

Indonesia Fashion Week is the birth of new talents in the fashion world. Each year, Indonesia Fashion Week has always held a competition; Indonesia Fashion Entrepreneur Competition. This year, the competition is divided into two types; clothing and accessories. The winner will be regarded as a young ambassador for Indonesia ready to wear. The reward? Participation in International Trade Shows!

Foto: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rom82qomukks8no/outY9PrOqZ

7. Fashion for All

Indonesia Fashion Week unites all the communities of senior designers, newcomers, community street wear, craftsmen, students, businessmen to government. It’s not a fashion show for a certain community, this is a fashion event for everyone!

Foto: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/68r6b8dawaxigmk/Isn3Z6vOw8

8. The Style

Visiting Indonesia Fashion Week is becoming increasingly attractive for all fashion enthusiasts gathered into one. The designers, media, buyers, bloggers, photographers, students and fashion enthusiasts met at this event. They came up with an interesting style, maybe one of them can inspire your style!

Foto: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xowr9o55tpoj8sp/YpgIpEQjMl

9. It’s Sarong Time!

Just like last year, Indonesia Fashion Week carrying the sarong as a fashion trend. Because of its versatility and practical, sarong can reliably achieve even greater popularity; not only in Indonesia but in the world. Follow the trend, grab your sarong and follow the movement!


https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0isy8fbfobaaey7/qUHe4C31Zu, https://www.dropbox.com/sh/otnxtrvnxk6m5q2/m01uqODLCq,


10. It’s a Movement!

Indonesia Fashion Week not a regular fashion event. Indonesia Fashion Week has a noble mission that puts Indonesia as the country’s influence in the international fashion world. The series of pre-event and post-event set up to strengthen the foundations of the industry. Through this event the world are expected to know how rich and creative Indonesia fashion world. Hey, Indonesia is a new hope!



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my shirt design

4 Dec

I design this picture for T shirt, and i wil give 20% of it price that has been sold  to Palestinian people,..like Indonesia Hospital in Palestine. I plan to sell it in online store vamossee.com that will be launched in Februari 2013, InsyaAllah.

location of Masjid Al Aqsha

location of Masjid Al Aqsha

Mekkah Al Mukarramah

t shirt Palestenian area

t shirt Palestenian area

Mekkah Al Mukarrahmah in Painting style

Mekkah Al Mukarrahmah in Painting style




10 Indonesia Actrists who wear hijab

3 Dec

Beauty and Religious, this 10 ladies have decided to cover them selfs and they are still beautiful, rich and famous.

1. Zaskia Adya MeccaImage

2. Okky Asokawati



3. Inneke Koesherawati



4. Marisa Haque



5. Henidar Amroe



6. Marshanda



7. Marini Zumarnis



8. Eksanti



9. Zaskia Sungkar



10. Eddies Adelia





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14 Nov

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Sarong as our new style

11 Nov

Have u ever imagined our “Sarung” become like a jeans? Worldwide, and every people have it and wear it as something stylish. Like a jeans, people wear it as trouser, skirt, jacket, and t-shirt. Likewise sarong, they wear it not only for praying or for “ngeronda” but they can wear it for shopping in the mall, daily activity , and even for nightdress and party.

As we know, Sarong is a large tube or length of fabric, often wrapped around the waist and worn by men and women througout south asia, southeast asian, the arabian peninsula, the horn of africa and on many pacific island.
Sarong could be made from batik, tenun, ikat, or any other fabric and then formed as tube.

Related to Indonesia as a center direction of fashion in the east, which align it to Paris, Milan, London and New York, Indonesia Fashion Week management, invited young indonesian fashion designer to participate in the event ” Sarong, from local to global”. The event will be held at November 22, 2012. the event title will be mobbed sarung
And the preparation have been started from November 5th, 2012 in Sapta Pesona Building. Each designer were given a sarong to make her or his own creation for sarong style.

We hope with that event, our sarong will be worldwide fast.

Indonesian designer in their sarong style.

Nail Colouring

9 Nov

What if there is a flower on your nail, colorfull and beautiful. With little creativity you can draw a flower on your nail using nail coloring. I’ve found this nice young woman at femina counter, after i watch jakarta fashion week show 2013 at plaza senayan, they were colouring their nail and made decoration on it. the design was so beautiful, So I asked their permission to take their nail picture. Thanks sis.Image Image

Muslimah style in her kid’s school.

4 Nov

Looking at muslimah taking her kids to school is not something special. It’s just something in common. But, what interested me is how they dressed for themself. Simple blouse made from cotton or batik, long pants, sometimes long blouse or even we called it gamis, the long dressed and off course the hijab style.  Usually they wear something casual and very rare they wear something very lux.

Fortunately there was a performance at my daughter’s school, so I took my nikon D5100 with me to shoot how muslimah mother dressed that day. Here is some of their style at Citta Bangsa Kinderganten school, Cikeas. It’s really something real style  in daily life at the street.

Imagewearing batik is an option

Imagesimple blouse with picture


Imagehmm..lace for tops